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The Northeast District is one of the eight districts of Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), an affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). WRJ is the collective voice and presence of women in congregational life. Stronger together, we support the ideals and enhance the quality of Jewish living to ensure the future of progressive Judaism in North America, Israel, and around the world. READ MORE ABOUT "WHO WE ARE"


A Message from WRJ Northeast District President Vivian Blumstein

VivianBlumstein.jpg(November 2016) My husband and I joined a temple shortly after we were married. That was the first temple I ever belonged to. When we bought a house and moved to Long Island, we joined another temple and luckily, met lots of people our age. Within a couple of years, I was on the sisterhood board and after MANY years, became sisterhood president. I learned a lot during those years from other sisterhood board members and from the many women I met at District conventions and WRJ assemblies. CONTINUE READING...


WRJ Mission to Israel, May 2017

READ CONNECTIONS by the Women's Journey to Israel Co-Chairs

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Join the conversation on Yammer... THE YAMMER WEBSITE allows WRJ sisterhood leaders and individual members to connect with one another, ask questions, and share strategies and programming. To request access to Yammer, email leadership@wrj.org. If you are a sisterhood leader, please also include the name and location of your sisterhood as well as your own contact information.

Become a member of the Kevuda Society... Former members of the boards of District 1, District 3, and the Northeast District can stay in touch by joining the Kevuda Society. Please contact us at wrjneblast@gmail.com for more information.

Read our newsletter... NEWS FROM THE NORTHEAST is sent via email to sisterhood presidents, individual WRJ members, Kevuda Society members, and the board of the Northeast District on the first Tuesday of each month. Ask your sisterhood president to forward it to you, so that you can keep up with all the news in the Northeast District. Or you can read it HERE.

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