WRJ-Israel Twinning

The WRJ-Israel Twinning Program gives North American sisterhoods the opportunity to “twin” or “pair” with a WRJ-Israel women's group and build a long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship between the groups to help them both grow and thrive. The WRJ-Israel women’s groups gain from the expertise of more established WRJ North America sisterhoods, who in turn will gain new perspectives to use for their own programming.

Benefits of Being a “Twin”

  • Establish a stronger connection with WRJ to gain increased awareness of Reform/Progressive activities on a global basis
  • Strengthen your sisterhood/women’s group by sharing best practices and discussing challenges with counterparts
  • Collaborate on joint learning opportunities and projects that can utilize WRJ-provided program ideas (to be held at separate times or virtually “together”)
  • Learn about other cultures and about the life of WRJ sisters in other parts of the world
  • Form lasting relationships that can be further cultivated at WRJ Events
  • Improve conversational Hebrew and English skills through Skype classes

Sample “Twinning” Program Ideas

Each “twin” receives a comprehensive welcome packet from WRJ detailing their new partnership and providing programmatic ideas to foster the relationship, such as:

  • Women’s Seder/Shabbat Service
  • International Women’s Day Celebration
  • Reform Movement Icebreaker Game
  • Virtual Discussions, Study Sessions, or Speaker Presentations
  • Recipe Exchange

How to Begin a Partnership

  • Establish goals for your participation in the twinning program
  • Select a chair to help lead the “twinning” process and act as a liaison to your “twin”
  • Contact WRJ Program and Communications Associate, Micaela Sheinhait to express your interest and get matched with an available “twin”
  • Upon getting matched and receiving your welcome packet, connect with your “twin” and share information about yourselves and start planning for an exciting year 

To learn more about becoming a “Twin” or to sign-up for the “Twinning” program, please contact WRJ Programs and Communciations Associate, Micaela Sheinhait at mrussell@wrj.org or 212.650.4060.