YES Fund Endowment

WRJ recognizes the pressing current needs of our global Reform/Progressive Jewish community, but is also aware of the need to plan for the future needs of our Jewish community. Those who contribute to the WRJ YES Fund Lifeline Endowment Fund, the annual interest of which directly supports the YES Fund, are helping to ensure it endures l’dor vador (from generation to generation).

YES Fund Lifeline gifts are also a meaningful way to recognize someone who has touched your life or to honor a confirmation, a graduation, an ordination, or as a memorial.

Upon completion of a YES Fund Lifeline Endowment level (listed below), you will receive a handmade sterling silver or 14K gold pin with the appropriate gemstones corresponding and signifying your generous contribution.

Centennial Lifeline: $100,000
Emerald Lifeline: $36,000
Diamond Lifeline: $18,000
Pearl Lifeline: $10,000
Gold Lifeline: $5,000
Silver Lifeline: $1,800

For more information on the YES Fund Lifeline Endowment Fund, please contact WRJ Development Manager Kadie Black at or 212.650.4056.