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Stories make up the fabric of Women of Reform Judaism. Check out the WRJ blog and read about sisterhood, leadership, the organizations we support, and the global impact we make to help repair the world. 

Tree of Life Commemorative Torah Study Guide

WRJ and 2 for Seder are offering this resource guide to help honor the lives of 11 people killed in the 2018 Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh, PA. 

WRJ Online Holiday Auction

This year, WRJ's Online Holiday Auction will take place October 31-November 7. You will have the chance to bid on some amazing items for your holiday shopping list. Please consider donating an item to this event. The deadline for donations is October 20. 

Women's Empowerment Awards Nominations Open

The WRJ Women's Empowerment Awards is designed to recognize those women who embody our mission through their actions. Nominations are now open for women who lift up the voices of other women and girls, leaving a lasting impact on lives, locally, regionally, or worldwide. 

WRJ Districts

WRJ is the organizational umbrella for hundreds of affiliated sisterhoods, with tens of thousands of members across North America, Israel, and worldwide. The North American affiliates are grouped into eight geographic regions called Districts, which serve as liaisons between WRJ and the affiliated sisterhoods. Today, eight WRJ Districts group WRJ's affiliated sisterhoods throughout North America, each named for the region they represent.

What's New

Parashah Lech L'cha

October 14, 2021
“6336 Hebrew letters…1686 Hebrew words…126 verses…208 lines…and always on the 3rd Shabbat after Simchat Torah. You can stop humming.

Torah Study

WRJ has always advocated for equal rights for women in Jewish learning and worship, bringing a unique, feminist perspective to Reform Jewish study and providing resources from which to learn and pray.

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