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Sukkot Schmooze
Friday, September 24th at noon Eastern Time and Pacific Time

Let’s celebrate Sukkot as a WRJ community! Join us for a virtual lunch in the Sukkah, where we will talk about our favorite Sukkot traditions and have the opportunity to show off our Sukkahs! Come together and enjoy a festive meal virtually with us. 

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West Coast Registration

WRJ Online Holiday Auction

This year, WRJ's Online Holiday Auction will take place October 31-November 7. You will have the chance to bid on some amazing items for your holiday shopping list. Please consider donating an item to this event. The deadline for donations is October 20. 

WRJ North American Board Nominations

Learn how you can use your talents and skills to enhance WRJ while gaining invaluable experience that will improve your own leadership skills. Apply to become a member of the WRJ North American Board before the October 5th deadline!

WRJ Districts

WRJ is the organizational umbrella for hundreds of affiliated sisterhoods, with tens of thousands of members across North America, Israel, and worldwide. The North American affiliates are grouped into eight geographic regions called Districts, which serve as liaisons between WRJ and the affiliated sisterhoods. Today, eight WRJ Districts group WRJ's affiliated sisterhoods throughout North America, each named for the region they represent.

What's New

Get Involved in Advocacy

September 24, 2021
Are you interested in Advocacy but uncertain how to proceed? Are you overwhelmed by the number and frequency of advocacy requests? Do you feel like you do not have enough time or can’t afford to be involved? Many women have these concerns. Read about how you can fit advocacy into your life and your sisterhood.

Parashah Chol HaMo-eid Sukkot

September 24, 2021
Chol HaMo-eid Sukkot recounts the story of the Golden Calf, the destruction of the tablets, and Moses’ interceding on behalf of the Jewish people for reconciliation with God.

Parashah Haazinu

September 17, 2021
As a high school teacher guiding my students in the art of essay writing, I often stress the importance of a strong conclusion. “You can’t just leave everyone hanging,” I tell them, “or wrap things up too quickly.

Torah Study

WRJ has always advocated for equal rights for women in Jewish learning and worship, bringing a unique, feminist perspective to Reform Jewish study and providing resources from which to learn and pray.

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