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Film, Fiction, and Fine Wine August 2022

"i named my dog pushkin (and other immigrant tales)" is Margarita Gokun Silver's memoir, a collection of notes on how a Soviet girl became an American woman. 

Advocacy and WRJ

WRJ is a leading advocate for abortion access and reproductive health and continues to oppose state and federal restrictions that limit access to birth control and safe abortion services. See WRJ in action on this important issue and others on our Advocacy page. 

YES Fund 2022-23 Grant Allocations

WRJ awarded $300,500 in grants to 20 programs that will strengthen Jewish life and provide the necessary support for religious, social, and educational growth worldwide. Read our press release for details.

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What's New

Parashat D'varim

August 5, 2022
This week's Torah portion, D'varim, is the first parashah in the book of Deuteronomy. It begins with a series of speeches given by Moses to the Israelites. In Hebrew, the word d'varim is defined as 'words,' yet it means not just 'words' but also 'things' or 'matters.' D'varim can be weighty or significant. D'varim shows that words matter.

The Accidental (Repro) Advocate

August 5, 2022
Looking back at the first couple of weeks after the decision came down in Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization, I think I processed our new reality by keeping busy. My focus was on providing education, action, and advocacy materials and support for WRJ and my synagogue community. From advocacy guides to webinars to a local "Postcarding and Planning" evening with friends, I kept the full pain of the decision at arm's length. But then I heard about the college students who successfully advocated for a Plan B vending machine installed at Boston University, and the idea is going viral. And then I thought about my children, and everything hit home.

Torah Study

WRJ has always advocated for equal rights for women in Jewish learning and worship, bringing a unique, feminist perspective to Reform Jewish study and providing resources from which to learn and pray. In this section, you will find our Divrei Torah, Torah study guides, and so much more!