WRJ North American Board Service Information

Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) is a North American organization committed to strengthening the voice of women worldwide and empower them to create caring communities, nurture congregations, cultivate personal and spiritual growth, and advocate for and promote progressive Jewish values. WRJ supports 8 districts with nearly 400 women’s groups representing over 40,000 Reform Jewish women in North America. In addition, WRJ reaches a growing cohort of women’s groups elsewhere around the world, including Israel, South Africa, South America, and Europe.

We accomplish our mission through annual North American conferences, biennial district conventions, advocacy and leadership opportunities, opportunities to network, programming grants, our flagship YES (Youth, Education, and Special Projects) Fund, and much more. You can learn more about our work at www.wrj.org.

Role of the WRJ Board

  • To be educated regarding the current work of WRJ and support the WRJ mission
  • Promotes WRJ: its purpose, programs, and projects
  • Establishes policies to be implemented by the WRJ staff
  • Approves and adopts the annual budget
  • Motivates and inspires women as potential leaders locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Participates in thinking and discussion about the future of WRJ
  • Raises funds to keep WRJ financially sound
  • Elects the executive committee every three years

Criteria for WRJ Board Service

  • You are a Jewish woman
  • You are a member of a WRJ sisterhood/women’s group in good standing or an individual WRJ member
  • You are the only member from your WRJ sisterhood/women’s group applying to the board this year with approval from sisterhood/women’s group president (if applicable)

Responsibilities of a WRJ Board Member

  • Serve one (1) three-year term from approximately April 2020 - March 2023.
  • Attend three (3) in-person board meetings during your term. These meetings will either be a standalone weekend event or connected to a WRJ North American conference (i.e. Fried Leadership, Social Justice Conference). Board Members are responsible for airfare, hotel, and a registration fee for the board meeting which is separate from conference attendance.
  • Attend board meeting webinar sessions, approximately three per year.
  • Serve on committees of interest, skill, or expertise with separate virtual meeting schedules.
  • Each member of the WRJ Board of Directors will donate or solicit and obtain a minimum annual contribution of $180 that is to be applied to the General Fund. The annual contribution minimum to the General Fund will increase to $360 as of July 1, 2021 and Board members are encouraged to consider increasing their level of giving earlier if they are able to do so.
  • Board members are highly encouraged to participate in our Lifeline program and YES Fund giving, although not required.

Questions for the Application

Please consider these questions before beginning your application. Allow for 30-45 minutes to complete the application as they cannot be saved and re-visited.

  • Sisterhood/Women’s Group Activities
  • District Activities
  • WRJ North American Activities
  • Other Board of Directors Activities
  • Describe your contributions to Jewish communal life (philanthropic, civic, educational, and professional), with emphasis on your local sisterhood/women's group, WRJ district, and WRJ programs and events.
  • Describe your personal involvement in Jewish education and/or lifelong Jewish learning. 
  • Provide additional information about your business or professional experience, educational interests, talents, and abilities that could be of service to WRJ and our communities.     
  • Describe what you see as a challenge facing WRJ and your suggestion for addressing this challenge.
  • Attendance at events such as the annual board meeting is very important, are there any circumstances that could keep you from being at such events?
  • Do you have other skills or talents that would benefit WRJ (i.e., teach religious school, excellent computer skills, professional expertise)?

Online applications are available here.

If you wish to mail in your application or for any other questions, please contact the WRJ office WRJ office at info@wrj.org or 212-650-4050, or WRJ Board Nominations Chair, Laurel Fisher at laurelbfisher@gmail.com or 214-923-5106.