About I Wear Teal Because

We invite you to participate in the “I Wear Teal Because …” campaign to express your support and help you engage members of your congregation and community in this work. 

“I Wear Teal Because…” is a social media and awareness campaign adjunct to the WRJ says STOP Initiative. The STOP Initiative aims to help people become advocates and instruments of positive change in their congregations and communities. We know it is not always easy to start or join that conversation. The “I Wear Teal Because...” campaign welcomes folks. 

“I Wear Teal Because...” actions can be used as part of any WRJ says STOP-related education, action, advocacy program, or your direct congregational or community work. It can also be used effectively on Mitzvah Day, to inspire engagement, or to celebrate achievements such as implementing or updating your Code of Ethics/Conduct or agreeing on a covenant (brit) within your board and committee leaders.  

Creating safe, respectful environments with equality, and a culture in which every person is valued and every voice is heard, is an ongoing process of partnership and engagement in the community. By writing down and sharing (internally or publicly) why we wear teal, we simultaneously 

  1. strengthen our internal commitment to, and responsibility for, our culture and environment, and 
  2. welcome others to be a part of the conversations, which is not always easy.

We wear teal because our voices matter. We wear teal because the time for change is now, and we will drive and shape that change. We wear teal because we are survivors. We wear teal to catch ourselves when our implicit biases lead us to unintentional microaggressions and proactively share micro affirmations to create a positive environment. We wear teal to show solidarity, and we wear teal so that others will know that we are safe people to approach if you have been harassed or assaulted.

We will publicly share “I Wear Teal Because…” images and messages throughout the WRJ says STOP Initiative. We are planning specifically to raise “I Wear Teal Because…” on: 

  • October 15th – The anniversary of #MeToo going viral
  • April 2023 – Sexual Assault Awareness Month

We invite you to join us on those dates and choose your opportunities with your leadership and community, such as on:

  • Mitzvah Day
  • At a congregational Teal Shabbat to inspire engagement or celebrate your communal culture.
  • To celebrate achievements. Have a Teal Shabbat when you implement or update your congregational ethics code or harassment policy, a Teal Board Meeting when you adopt a Brit, or a Teal Banquet to celebrate your congregation and its sacred lay/professional partnership. 

To say, “I Wear Teal Because ….”

  • Download signs here
  • Customize if you wish. You can add your logo or modify the sign to read, “Congregation “XYZ” says STOP,” but please don’t remove the WRJ logo.
  • Use the photos and the “I Wear Teal Because…” campaign to engage members of your congregation and community. 
  • Use hashtags to inspire others: #WRJsaysSTOP   #WRJSTOPInitiative
  • Please send some of your photos to advocacy@wrj.org with a line or two about the context so we can share them as part of WRJ says STOP.