WRJ monitors and addresses issues related to domestic violence, date rape and campus violence, spousal and child abuse, trafficking, and the use of firearms when committing acts of domestic violence.

Every October, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Reform Movement raises awareness about the pervasive nature of domestic violence and intimate partner violence, provides resources to those currently experiencing abuse, and discusses the moral imperative to work to eradicate domestic violence. 


Resolutions & Statements

2021: Addressing a Legacy of Reproductive & Gender-Based Violence Against Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color in North America

2017: Sexual Violence in Schools

2000: Rights of Women and Girl Children Worldwide

1997: Child Abuse in the Home 

1996: Female Genital Mutilation

1993: Equality for Women

1991: Ratification on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 

1991: Crimes Against Women 

1983: Children and the Family

1975: Rights of Individuals

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Women's History Month, Paycheck Fairness Act, Channel Passion into Action

2014: Board Statements: Nigerian Girls Kidnapping, Hobby Lobby

2013: Immigration Reform Call-In Day, Vandalism Against Women of the Wall

2013: VAWA, Fair Pay, and Women in Combat

2013: Violence Against Women Act, NDAA, Roe v. Wade Anniversary

2012: End Violence Against Women, Living Wage, Rights of the Disabled

2012: Support Israel from Home, Montreal's First Jewish Mayor, Native American Women

2012: Fighting Domestic Violence, Deficit Reduction, Canadian MP on Jewish Refugees

2012: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Food Day, RAC Webinar

2012: Family Planning, Reproductive Rights for Servicewomen, VAWA

2012: Supreme Court Critical Rulings, VAWA, One Minute Campaign in Memory of Murdered Israeli Athletes

2012: VAWA Reauthorization Continued, Anat Hoffman Will Appear on Amanpour

2012: VAWA Reauthorization, Or Ami Awards Continued

2010: CEDAW Hearing, Canadian Prime Minister Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism, Outreach Question

2010: Take Action on Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women Globally

2010: Restoring Dignity for Women, Support the International Violence Against Women Act