Human Rights

Resolutions & Statements

2014: The Kidnapping of Nigerian Schoolgirls

2009: Statement on Child Marriage (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Divestment Policy to End Genocide in Darfur 

2007: Human Rights and the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (Advocacy Guide)

2006: Ending Global Poverty (Advocacy Guide)

2002: Human Rights Issues (Advocacy Guide)

2000: Rights of Women and Girl Children Worldwide

1999: Children as Soldiers

1997: International Year of Older Persons

1996: Female Genital Mutilation

1995: United Nations: 50 Years

1993: Family

1993: Equality for Women

1991: Ratification on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

1991: Insuring the Future for Children

1987: United Nations Issues and Sisterhood Actions

1985: 40th Anniversary of the United Nations - Affirmation of Commitment

1985: Apartheid

1985: Genocide Convention

1983: International Decade for Women, International Year of Youth

1979: Human Rights

1977: Women's Rights

1975: Certain Problems of the Family of Humankind

1975: Rights of Individuals

1967: The United Nations and Human Rights

1963: Fundamental Human Rights For All

1961: Justice For All

1954: Human Rights

1954: Individual Freedom and National Security

1953: Human Rights

1949: Human Rights

1949: Displaced Persons

1948: International Trade Organization Charter

1948: Human Rights

1938: Distinction Between Civil Liberties and Military Functions

Advocacy Alerts

2011: Israel: Important News and Action

2011: Emergency Call-In Day for the People of South Sudan, Supreme Court Ruling in the Walmart Case

2010: An Important New UN Agency: UN Women

2010: Take Action on Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women Globally

2010: Restoring Dignity for Women, Support the International Violence Against Women Act

2010: Aid Earthquake Victims, Women of Faith Leadership Summit, Women, Faith, and Development Alliance Paises WRJ