Advocacy & Social Justice

From advancing women’s leadership and equality in Jewish life and in society at large to championing numerous critical social justice issues, WRJ has been at the forefront of major efforts in the work of tikkun olam, repairing the world.

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For over 85 years, WRJ has been a leading advocate for reproductive rights and women's health. Today, we join the Reform Movement in speaking out for the rights of those who are pregnant to exercise moral authority over their own bodies.

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Key Issues

Reform Pay Equity Initiative

WRJ has been deeply involved in addressing the gender pay gap internally in the Reform Movement and its institutions and will continue working on this issue both internally and externally. On average, women working full time in the United States are paid just 80 percent of what men in comparable positions are paid. Women of color make even less.

Gender-Based Violence

WRJ monitors and addresses issues related to domestic violence, date rape and campus violence, spousal and child abuse, trafficking, and the use of firearms when committing acts of domestic violence.

Reproductive Health & Rights

WRJ has been a leading advocate for reproductive rights and health and continues to oppose state and federal restrictions that limit access to birth control and safe abortion services.

Civil Rights, Racial Justice & DEI

WRJ is committed to doing the essential work of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) within WRJ, in our Movement, and in our Jewish, local and national communities, in ourselves working with partners in the greater community. WRJ understands DEI and Racial Justice work to be continuing the work of ongoing improvement by educating ourselves and bending the arc of history toward justice, inclusion, and belonging.

Immigration Reform & Refugee Rights

Today, we face the enormous challenges posed by our nation's broken immigration system. We can no longer delay its reform. From finding a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and TPS holders to seeking asylum and much more, WRJ stands up for the immigrant as a core part of Jewish tradition.

Israel & Global Affairs

Since WRJ was established, our women have been deeply engaged in issues of international importance, including supporting peace efforts through international bodies, promoting human rights, and advocacy around global health and international development initiatives.

Advocacy & Action Guides

These Advocacy Guides include program suggestions, talking points, and advocacy ideas for sisterhoods and women's groups on various key issues and how to take action on WRJ Resolutions and Statements.

Advocacy Alerts: By Year

Read engaging communications sent by WRJ highlighting important developments in social justice news, including information on press releases, WRJ Board of Directors Resolutions and Statements, and suggested actions for sisterhoods.

Advocacy Sign-Ons

WRJ often signs on to letters and briefs with coalitions and partners on policy issues of concern for the organization and the Reform Movement at large. A list of all letters and briefs that WRJ has signed onto is kept by the WRJ RAC Eisendrath Legislative Assistant based in Washington, D.C. Below are recent lists of signings by year:

Sign Ons 2019-2020

Sign Ons 2018-2019

Sign Ons 2017-2018

Sign Ons 2016-2017

Sign Ons 2015-2016

Sign Ons 2012-2015

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Resolutions & Statements by Year

Since 1913, WRJ has led the Reform Movement in social action advocacy. Our Resolutions have preceded policy in many areas, such as women's reproductive rights, civil rights, and economic justice.

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