ARZA/WZC Elections

This year, Reform Jews had an opportunity to help shape a more equal, more inclusive Israel by voting from January 13-April 30, 2015 for the platform of your choice in the World Zionist Organization Congress (WZC). A vote for ARZA: Representing Reform Judaism represented a vote for progressive ideals of social justice, equality, and democracy in Israel itself and helped build a Jewish state that holds true to the ideals of women’s rights, religious pluralism, the growth of Reform Judaism in Israel, a solution to the ongoing conflict, and so much more.

ARZA, representing Reform Judaism and with help from WRJ, asked every American Jew who holds these values dear to stand with them. The WZC Elections are vital to the future of Progressive Judaism in Israel and to the relationship between Jews of North America and Israel.

In June of 2015 the results of the election were announced: ARZA was the clear winner. They secured 56 of a possible 145 seats, as many as the next two slates combined. Thank you to all who voted and campaigned for your passion, committment, and hard work.