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In the wake of the recent actions by the Israeli government to abrogate the agreement on the Kotel and push through an unacceptable conversion bill, many of you have asked how to get engaged in the fight. WRJ is involved as part of the global Reform movement's efforts, in which we are partnering with a wide, diverse range of organizations. You will be seeing and hearing much more about this in the coming months, but to start, URJ has released a "A Non-Exhaustive List of Resources for The Campaign to End the Orthodox Monopoly in Israel," attached. This includes links to many educational and action-oriented resources. I have also attached the referenced ARZA Communications Guide, which will help you craft messages to multiple audiences, including the Israeli Consulates, Congressional representatives, local media, and your congregation. Please put this on your Sisterhood agendas and make sure your congregational board and clergy are discussing action as well.

This is a crucial moment in history, presenting a unique opportunity for diaspora Jewry to reaffirm our commitment to and aspirations for Israel, We know that we are STRONGER TOGETHER - let's prove it!


Click here for the URJ list of resources

Click here for the ARZA Communications


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News from the Atlantic District
Save The Date

Area days are being planned for October 8, 2017 in Aberdeen, NJ and in the spring elsewhere in Central NJ.

We are trying to organize a trip to Temple Emanu-El in New York to view the “Jews on the Chocolate Exhibit” this fall, possibly in conjunction with the Northeast District.  Watch for info.

Mark your calendars for WRJ’s Fried Leadership Conference in Nashville-March 1-4, 2018.  You won’t want to miss it!  Information on WRJ grants will be out soon.

Our Atlantic District Convention will be held October 18-21, 2018 at the Clinton Inn in Tenafly, NJ.