Rosanne M. Selfon

Parashah Vayishlach

Rosanne M. Selfon
November 18, 2021
In The Torah: A Women’s Commentary published proudly by WRJ and the URJ Press (now the CCAR Press), Rabbi Laura Geller shares a Rashi midrash that claims Dinah was safely locked away in a chest to potentially protect her from Esau. Rabbi Geller posits: “Hiding Dinah…locking her away is a powerful image about silencing a woman. And that silence echoes loudly through the rest of the Torah.”

Voices of WRJ: Mikeitz

Rosanne M. Selfon
December 18, 2020

Joseph, one of our more famous Biblical heroes, performs center stage again in Mikeitz, this weekly parashah, as the great dream interpreter brought from jail to listen to the daunting Pharaoh’s dreams and deduce their meaning.

WRJ Voices: Mishpatim

Rosanne M. Selfon
February 24, 2017

Rules…rules…rules….Why so many?

This week’s parasha Mishpatim contains 23 positive and 30 negative commandments, the most mitzvot found in any single Torah portion.