Tamar Roig

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Tamar Roig, originally from an Orthodox home, is the director of partnership development at the IMPJ, where she learns new things about Reform Judaism every day. Tamar, a mother of three, is also a doula who supports mothers before, during, and after birth - which she describes as a sacred experience like no other.

Sharing Our Stories: How Judaism Influences My Work and My Life

Tamar Roig
November 17, 2019
Growing up in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of London, I’d always experienced Judaism as a fusion of confusing rules, with a side dish of heart-warming traditions and melodies. In Beis Ya’akov, the Haredi all-girls elementary school I attended with my sisters, we were taught to be meek, to blend in, to respect our elders – especially men, and to learn Torah in a deep and interesting fashion. Individual opinions were not valued.