Zabe Williams

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A WRJ Leadership Spotlight!

Zabe Williams
January 13, 2022
What I love most about WRJ is the feeling that I make a difference even as an individual. My donations to the YES Fund help, the advocacy work done through the RAC makes our voices heard and the women I meet.

WRJ Voices: B'reishit

Zabe Williams
October 25, 2019

After several weeks of ritual activity:  preparing for the High Holidays, celebrating the New Year, reflecting on our past year’s successes and failures, sending good wishes to family, friends and visitors, asking forgiveness, forgiving ourselves, fasting,

WRJ Voices: Ki Tisa

Zabe Williams
March 2, 2018

At the beginning of parashah, Ki Tisa (“when you take”) Moses is still on the mountain receiving some last-minute instructions from G-d about the census, the tabernacle, purification rituals, and recipes for the holy oils and incense.