Shalom from the WRJ Israel Trip

June 5, 2017Lindie Henderson

Forty-six women began a travel journey on May 21st in Tel Aviv. We had WRJ in common although many of us were meeting for the first time. Our connection began over food and a getting to know you ice-breaker that would unfold over several days... exchanging our favorite books, movies, foods (chocolate was a clear winner), favorite TV shows and more.
We have walked and ridden miles together, always talking, sharing and learning. We wept together at Independence Hall watching the signing of Israel's Independence and singing Hatikvah. We connected with mothers and daughters experiencing the IMPJ bat mitzvah project that our YES Fund dollars support.
What could possibly engage and connect us more than shopping, hearing first hand about security and pioneering, tasting wine, and being welcomed "home"?
Rosh Chodesh with Women of the Wall was so powerful -- praying and singing over whistles and verbal abuse -- feeling the emotional impact together.
Something magical happens when women sing, pray and share Shabbat together at Masada then experience the Dead Sea... a true bond forms. 

Lindie Henderson is on the WRJ Board of Directors and is a Past President of Pacific District. She is a member of Women of B'nai Israel in Gold River, CA.

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