Parashah Matot-Mas’ei

Judy Wexler
July 9, 2021

In my professional work with middle school students, teaching reading and writing, I often find myself talking about compassion. It is difficult for these young adults to feel compassion for the characters in the books we readand it is especially difficult

Parashah Pinchas

Lori Motis
July 2, 2021

From the time I was a teenager, I have always thought of myself as a feminist.  I firmly believe that women should be offered all the same opportunities as men.

WRJ Helps Build More Inclusive and Just Societies

Sara Charney
July 2, 2021

Mah Tovu ohalecha, Yaakov/mishk’notecha, Yisrael” is an apt reflection and aspiration for both Canada and the United States as we celebrate our respective national holidays on July 1st and July 4th.

Parashah Balak

Rebecca Benoff, Rabbinical Student at HUC-JIR Cincinnati, Congregation Beth Shalom, Bryan, TX
June 25, 2021


“Maybe don’t wear that necklace on the plane.” “If people ask, maybe don’t tell them you’re Jewish.” “Be careful who you trust.” Traveling throughout my life, I was taught that being Jewish was something that not everyone in the world or country may like

Sharing Our Stories: Beshert

Luisa Narins, WRJ North American Board Member and Individual Member
June 25, 2021
Though I was not born or raised a Jew, everything in my life has guided me to Judaism as if I were being directed to a goal, as if it were beshert. I grew up in Lima, Peru, and my parents raised me in the Catholic faith. However, I found no fulfillment in that view of God or society. I asked many questions and was discouraged from doing so. I also could not abide by the minimization of women in my culture and the parallel subservience under the Catholic Church in Peru. Little by little, I found a new path...

Parashah Chukat

Julia Wackenheim, WRJ North American Board Executive Committee, Member At Large
June 18, 2021


In Parashah Chukat, “God said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Speak to the sons of Israel and find a completely red cow on which there is no blemish and no yoke has ever come.

Parashah Korach

Debra Goetz, WRJ North American Board Member, Temple Emanuel, McAllen, TX
June 11, 2021


There is something a bit disturbing about reading a Torah portion with insurrections and plague in 2021. Parashah Korach (Numbers 16:1 – 18:32) contains two different rebellion- Korah’s challenge to Aaron’s leadership of the priesthood and Dathan and

Parashah Sh'Lach L'cha

Andrea Stillman
June 4, 2021

There are times I have ideas that are contrary to the majority opinion. Within the confines of my mind, I ponder what could be a plausible strategy at best, an idea worthy of discussion at the very least.