Parashah Vayeishev

Sharon Zydney
November 26, 2021

This week’s Torah portion, Vayeishev (Genesis 37:1-40:23), begins with Joseph sharing two dreams with his brothers and ends with Joseph interpreting dreams for both the Pharaoh’s cupbearer and chief baker.

Engaging Young Women with WRJ

Rachelle Weiss Crane
November 26, 2021

A tapestry of generations—that’s one of the taglines our Temple Emanu-El WRJ Sisterhood has used to reflect the importance of including women* at every age and stage in our sisterhood.

Roe v. Wade is at Risk, We Must Raise Our Voices for Abortion Rights

Lillie Heyman
November 18, 2021
On December 1, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the most consequential abortion rights case in generations. This case directly challenges the right to abortion affirmed by Roe v. Wade—that everyone has autonomy over their bodies and has the right to decide whether they want to continue a pregnancy—and the fundamental right to live with autonomy, dignity, and equality.

Parashah Vayishlach

Rosanne M. Selfon
November 18, 2021
In The Torah: A Women’s Commentary published proudly by WRJ and the URJ Press (now the CCAR Press), Rabbi Laura Geller shares a Rashi midrash that claims Dinah was safely locked away in a chest to potentially protect her from Esau. Rabbi Geller posits: “Hiding Dinah…locking her away is a powerful image about silencing a woman. And that silence echoes loudly through the rest of the Torah.”

Parashah Vayetzei

Pamela Feldman-Hill
November 11, 2021
About 20 years ago, I was working on a painting illustrating the story of Jacob’s Ladder and my cat walked across the wet canvas and proceeded to traverse the entire house, leaving blue paw prints in his wake as well as on the painting. Fast forward 18 years, and the painting was in an exhibit near my daughter’s home in the DC area. At the close of the exhibition, she asked to keep the painting since it included her memory of our beloved kitty, and also represented her favorite line from the Torah portion Vayetze: “Surely God is in this place, and I did not know.”

Email Marketing Tips for Sisterhoods

Elisa Heisman
November 11, 2021
Although it seems like everyone gets their information from social media these days, email marketing is still the most effective way to engage with your target audience – your sisterhood members. Everyone uses email, and they check their inboxes all day long. So, when it comes to getting the word out, a solid email is the first tool in your communications toolbox to use. 

A Life-Changing Bat Mitzvah

November 11, 2021
Noga Pnina Hevron-Pereh grew up in a traditional, non-religious home. Today, thanks to WRJ’s support for IMPJ’s Bat Mitzvah program, she has become deeply involved in her local Reform Jewish community and aspires to become a rabbi. This is her story.

Parashah Tol'dot

Robin Lilien
November 4, 2021
This week, we read Tol’dot, meaning “generations.” It is the story of the family of Isaac and Rebekah. More broadly, it is about how God’s covenant with Abraham continued on to another generation through his son Isaac to his grandson Jacob. The protagonist of this story is Rebekah. She was childless until she was 40 years old, then became pregnant with twins, and felt their struggle within her womb. Rebekah was told by God that these two children will branch off into two separate nations, and one nation will dominate over the other.

Connecting with Families during the Holidays

Lori Motis
November 4, 2021
During the time that my daughters were in Hebrew school, my link to my congregation was as a religious school parent. When they got older, I began looking for a new way to connect with my synagogue. I joined the sisterhood and found what I was seeking. Sisterhood is a group of women of all ages and stages sharing a commitment to their local community.

Meet the New RAC LA

Lillie Heyman
October 29, 2021

Hello! My name is Lillie Heyman (she/her) and I am the new Legislative Assistant at WRJ. I am originally from Florham Park, New Jersey, where I was a member of Congregation Beth Hatikvah.