My Jewish Feminist Journey

Lisa B. Schwartz, WRJ North American Board Member, Yardley, PA
May 28, 2021
I was born in 1961 with the last name Schwartz-- an indication to most, despite red hair and freckles, that I am Jewish. I grew up in a stereotypical, traditionally gendered, 1960s non-Jewish, white, middle-class neighborhood in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

Parashah B'haalot'cha

Sharon Sobel, WRJ Northeast District President, Temple B'nai Chaim, Georgetown, CT
May 28, 2021


The Torah portion, B'haalot'cha, is a rich and complicated one, full of insight about the people we are and, more importantly, about the people we hope to be. Though the narrative is an ancient one, we see ourselves reflected in the light of those

Getting Ready for Bigger Gifts Fundraising

Jane Karlin, WRJ North American Board Member & Chair of the YES Fund Grant Allocations Committee
May 21, 2021


Have you heard someone at synagogue or in another Jewish setting say, “Im Ein Kemach Ein Torah? (Pirkei Avot: 3:21, Rabbi Elzar ben Azaryah) The phrase often surfaces when it is helpful to underscore the need for fundraising, which some volunteers find

Parashah Naso

Shirah Kraus,Rabbinic-Education student at HUC Cincinnati &Los Angeles
May 21, 2021

In seventh grade, I started going to a new school.

Voices of WRJ - B'midbar

Luisa Narins, WRJ Board Member and Individual Member
May 14, 2021

In mid-March, I was part of the WRJ Legislative Body Meeting, where we affirmed resolutions and approved changes to the WRJ Constitution.

Strategies for Summer Programming

Karen Yellen Dillon, Programming Chair for WRJ Midwest District & VP Communications for the Women of North Shore Congregation Israel
May 13, 2021


Typically, summer is the time when many sisterhoods wind down their programming. But there is nothing typical about the times we are living in. When COVID-19 shut us down, it didn’t shut us up!  

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”  

And we

A Legacy of Leadership

May 9, 2021


We hope these stories in our campaign, L'dor V'dor: From Generation to Generation, demonstrate your impact.

A Lifeline Honoring a Lifetime of Jewish Values

Shari Carruthers, WRJ North American Board Member & WRJ PD Area Vice President
May 7, 2021

This Mother’s Day will be even more significant to me this year. My mother, Maxine Rogo, was the parent who impacted my Jewish journey to WRJ.