Are You a Lifelong Learner?

Robin Sobol, Congregation Beth Emeth Sisterhood
March 5, 2021

When I Googled the term “lifelong learner,” this is what I found: Lifelong learning is defined as “all learning activity throughout life, to improve knowledge, skills, and competencies within a personal, civic, social, or employment-related perspective.”


Voices of WRJ - T'rumah

Julia Weinstein
February 18, 2021


In Parashah T'rumah, God instructs, “And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.” Where does God dwell today, and how do we apply the concept of sanctuary to our lives during these uncertain times?

God was very detailed in instructing

Voices of WRJ - Mishpatim

Rachelle Weiss Crane
February 12, 2021


Mishpatim is filled with detailed rules and regulations. It would be naïve to read the interpersonal laws about the treatment of animals, slaves, and property and how to offer kindness to strangers as mundane.

Continuing A Legacy of Activism

Rabbi Lea Mühlstein
February 5, 2021


Growing up in the suburbs of Munich, Germany as the only openly Jewish family in the neighbourhood meant that my parents had to work hard to ensure that my two younger sisters and I had strong Jewish identities.

Voices of WRJ - Yitro

Rosanne Selfon
February 5, 2021

Oh my, Parashah Yitro packs a wallop! There is much to consider. The Reform Judaism website summary for Yitro states:

  • Yitro brings his daughter Zipporah and her two sons, Gershom and Eliezer, to his son-in-law, Moses. (18:1-12)
  • Moses follows Yitro's

WRJ Speakers Bureau - We Want to Engage with You

Becky Markowitz
January 29, 2021


I am an out-of-the-box thinker and passionate about the work we do at Women of Reform Judaism. I truly believe that we are stronger together and can do so much more by working together.

One thing that 2020 taught us is how vital personal connections