Parashah Chayei Sarah

Michelle Rosen
October 28, 2021
Parashah Chayei Sarah resonated with me in ways I never thought could be possible from a biblical story. I truly wondered how a story thousands of years old could relate to my life today, and how it would resonate.  The parashah name, which when translated actually means the ‘Life of Sarah’, is quite ironic because this parashah is not really about Sarah’s life but about her death, or is it?

Our Votes Matter This November - Especially on the Local Level

Julia Weinstein
October 28, 2021
In 2016, WRJ focused on reproductive rights, gun violence, pay equity, health care, and immigration as issues that were and remain key to making educated choices in how to vote. Today, however, we see the ability to vote itself threatened. Just this year, 19 states enacted 33 laws making it harder for their citizens to vote. In the absence of federal voting right legislation, it is becoming apparent that it is at the local level, especially in this current local election cycle and in the 2022 mid-terms, where the future of our democracy will be played out.

Parashah Vayeira

Shari Carruthers, WRJ North American Board Member & WRJ PD Area Vice President
October 21, 2021
This D’var Torah focuses on legacy and inheritance. Women’s roles are in procreation and supporting their husbands and family. We weren’t part of inheritance decision making. Having a male child was essential in passing on the family’s assets consisting of land, animals, and any other valuables to the next generation. G*d appeared to Abraham through three emissaries saying “Rest assured that I will return to you in this time next year, and your wife, Sarah shall have a son.” Sarah and Abraham are old and this feels like a joke at first for Sarah considering her age. At this point, Abraham has a son, Ishmael, by the slave girl, Hagar. From this reading, it’s important to G*d for Abraham’s descendants to be by Sarah as well. It’s not until later in the Torah that daughters are even considered to receive an inheritance from their fathers.

Parashah Lech L'cha

Marilyn Morrison
October 14, 2021
Abraham’s journey and our quest to know ourselves are the same. In truth, it’s not a journey we take only in our formative years as teens or young professionals; it’s a journey we take time and time again. We are always on that journey.

Heather's How to: Challah Bake Program Tips

Heather Lorgeree
October 13, 2021
One of the advantages of remote work has been the ability for me to make challah each week for Shabbat. As people started noticing my new hobby, they asked me if I could lead Zoom challah tutorials. Zoom challah baking is a lot of fun and can sometimes be easier than baking challah as a group in person. Here are a few tips for your online challah baking programs:

WRJ Connections Can Make A Difference

October 8, 2021
Tory served as the Cantorial Soloist/Music Director with Congregation Gates of Prayer outside of New Orleans for 30+ years, aiding her congregants as they dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Fast forward, Tory now lives in Chicago but is still connected to her WRJ Southwest District sisters. As Hurricane Ida rolled through, she felt many things, but mostly the instinct to help.

Parashah Noach

Joanne B. Fried
October 8, 2021

Interpreting the words, "Noah was a just man, and perfect in his generations," Rabbi Johanan taught that Noah was considered righteous in his generations, but would not have been considered righteous in other generations.