Still Asking Why

Liz McOsker
Emily McOsker
June 27, 2023
I am very proud to be Emily McOsker’s mother. She is a very strong woman. In 2021, Emily was stalked. Fortunately, the perpetrator was identified, arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated. Emily is sharing her story with us.

Parashat Korach

fredi Bleeker Franks
June 23, 2023
How many times have we reacted angrily to someone’s comments when taking a moment to reflect would have resulted in a calmer discussion and potentially a better outcome? As leaders in our Sisterhoods and women’s groups, we are often faced with women who challenge our ideas, disrupt our meetings, or fail to follow through on promised activities. When faced with a challenging conversation, sometimes taking a moment just to breathe is the most helpful thing we can do.

Women of B’nai Israel of Sacramento Responds to Migrant Crisis

Eve Panush
June 20, 2023
As 35 migrants on two chartered flights from out of state were dropped off in Sacramento with no advance warning, the Women of B’nai Israel saw the developing crisis firsthand and knew what had to be done, as congregants of Congregation B’nai Israel, which is a member of SacACT (Sacramento Area Congregations Together).

What Juneteenth Means to Me

Anjelica N. Ruiz
June 16, 2023
From a very young age, my mother, of blessed memory, made sure to buy me diverse books that showcased different experiences. She said it was important for me to understand that people have multiple identities, different cultures, and histories than my own, and they should all be celebrated.

Parashat Sh’lach L’cha

Gayle Kipp
June 16, 2023

Parashat Sh’lach L’cha (“Send for Yourself”), Numbers 13:1–15:41, tells the dramatic story of Israelite scouts going into Canaan to survey and report on the land’s inhabitants and natural resources. The story continues with the community’s reaction to the...

Parashat B'haalot'cha

Lillian Burkenheim Silver
June 9, 2023

I was eight, sitting in my Hebrew class on a hot Tuesday afternoon after school. Cantor Wagner entered the room, sat down on the teacher’s desk, and took off his watch. He held it up and looked at each of us. The watch looked expensive to me. Holding it up...