I Am Truly Undecided

Liz Geier

I have always been very vocal about my opinions. I am a Zionist and a proud one at that. I have never steered away from a conversation about Israel, even as I did a semester there with URJ’s Heller High during my sophomore year of high school.

My Challah-Making Experience

Irene Weingarten

Five days after the deadly attack by Hamas on Israel, Sisterhood of Congregation Emanu El, Houston hosted a program. I’m not sure Jewish life as we knew it would ever be the same, but it was meaningful for me to come together for a program in our temple.

A Month Into the War: My Thoughts and Reflections

Shari Robins

I have sat down several times to write, but the emotions are so fluid, and the situation is constantly changing. I am writing this reflection now a month into the war. Who knows how things will be by the time you read this.  
Let me relay what happened the

Dayenu: The Enrichment of Torah

Helene Waranch

Growing up at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, we, at least the girls, had little understanding of how Torah was really the centerpiece of Judaism.

An Update from The Reform Pay Equity Initiative

Rabbi Mary Zamore

Experts are predicting that the gender-based wage gap will not be closed for another 100 years. That dire prediction does not bother me, however, because those experts have not met the social justice forces of Reform Judaism!

Parashat Noach

Heather Lorgeree

The following article was originally published in 2018, it has been updated in memory of Temma Gentles z”l.

When most people think of this week’s Torah portion, Parashat Noach, they think of the flood, the ark, and the animals.