Board Service Application

2024 WRJ North American Board Service Information

Thank you for your interest in applying to WRJ's North American Board! Applications have now closed for a term beginning in 2024. Please keep an eye out in summer 2024 for the application to join WRJ’s Board in 2025.

We are excited to learn more about you and how you can use your talents and skills to enhance our organization and bring to it a unique perspective. There is no “right” path to WRJ Board service. We encourage you to apply if you align with the mission and work of WRJ and want to share your voice with WRJ’s Board. 

“My board service allowed me to work with amazing women from around North America to strengthen Reform Judaism and advance the call for social justice. We are so much stronger as one voice working together than just as individuals, sisterhoods, or women's groups. The work that WRJ has accomplished and will continue to accomplish is mind-blowing in its depth and breadth. It has been a huge honor to be part of that work through serving on the Board.” - Sally Frank (WRJ Board member 2019-2023)

Below, please find information about the role, our timeline, and the application process. For more information about Women of Reform Judaism, please review our mission statement and core values, our history, and advocacy initiatives. If you have any questions about Board service or the application process, please email WRJ Director of Events and Leadership Amanda Feldman at

WRJ's North American Board adopts an equal opportunity stance. We welcome all candidates that fit our criteria for serving a Board term (please see the Criteria for WRJ Board service below). We are committed to creating an equitable, inclusive environment for all within WRJ that is representative of the rich diversity of the Reform movement across North America.

Board Service Application Timeline & Important Dates

  • August 1, 2023: Applications open
  • October 17, 2023: Applications are due (*note this deadline has been extended from October 10, 2023)
  • October 30, 2023: Endorsement forms are due from your reference
  • Mid-November through early December: Interviews are conducted
  • January-February 2024: Applicants are notified of their status; the Board slate is announced
  • May 28-30, 2024: Board meets to elect and install new Board members in New Orleans, LA (immediately preceding the Fried Women’s Conference, May 30 - June 2, 2024). 

Read a complete list of application FAQs here:

  • To be educated regarding the current work and benefits of WRJ and support WRJ's mission.
  • Promotes WRJ's purpose, programs, and projects, locally and beyond.
  • Serves as an Ambassador of WRJ, and inspires women as potential leaders locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Establishes policies to be implemented by WRJ staff.
  • Approves and adopts the annual budget.
  • Participates in thinking about and discussing the future of WRJ.
  • Raises funds to keep WRJ financially sound.
  • Elects WRJ's Executive Committee every three years.
  • Gain invaluable experience that will improve and enhance your leadership and public speaking skills.

  • Provide input on the direction of social justice initiatives for the Reform movement. 

  • Contribute your area(s) of expertise to WRJ workshops, committees, and more.

  • Weigh in on WRJ priorities and projects.

  • Participate in the future of Reform Judaism.

  • Connect and build community with diverse women from across North America.

You agree to review, sign, and follow the policies set out in the following WRJ documents:

  1. Brit Avodah
  2. Brit Kehillah
  3. Conflict of Interest
  4. Policy on Harassment
  • Serve one (1) three-year term, with the option to apply for another consecutive term of up to three years. 

  • Participate in our "L’Atid" onboarding program during your first year. This includes approximately six (6) Zoom sessions lasting 90 minutes each. Sessions provide foundational, useful knowledge about WRJ’s priorities, processes, and initiatives. The "L'Atid" program additionally allows you to connect with a Board mentor to help you acclimate to your new role. 

  • Attend the annual Board meetings during your term. These meetings will either be held in person as a stand-alone event or connected to a WRJ North American conference (i.e., Fried Women’s Conference) or held virtually if necessary. Board members are responsible for airfare, hotel, and a registration fee for the Board meeting, separate from conference attendance, when applicable.

  • Attend three (3) to five (5) virtual (Zoom) Board meetings per year, lasting approximately 90 minutes each. 

  • Potentially serve on committees of interest, skill, or expertise with separate virtual meeting schedules.

  • Each WRJ Board of Directors member will donate or solicit and obtain a minimum annual contribution of $360 USD to be applied to the General Fund, as a financial commitment to support the future of WRJ.

  • Board members are highly encouraged (but not required) to participate in our Lifeline program, WRJ YES Fund giving, and Ner Tamid Society (WRJ's planned giving).

Note that experience in all of these areas is not required; there is no “right” path to WRJ Board service. We encourage you to share your relevant skills, experiences, or perspectives that would enhance your participation on WRJ’s Board.

Please consider these questions before beginning your application. We strongly suggest you open the application to see the exact questions and then type your answers into a separate document. This will give you a saved copy of your answers if the form isn’t properly submitted. Once you’ve written your responses, you can copy and paste them into the online form. Please allow 30-45 minutes to complete the application in one sitting, as it cannot be saved and revisited.

  • Involvement and/or leadership in any/all of the following: your sisterhood/women’s group; WRJ District; WRJ North America; other organizations (e.g., congregational, Jewish communal, other nonprofits, professional, etc.).
  • Information about your professional experience, educational interests, talents, and abilities that could be of service to WRJ and our communities.     
  • Specific skills or talents that would benefit WRJ. 
  • Your interest in serving on WRJ’s Board at this time. 
  • Please describe what you see as a challenge and opportunity facing WRJ and any suggestions you have for addressing it.
  • Where do you feel that WRJ is most effective and impactful, and how do you see WRJ being able to build upon that?  
  • Be ready to provide the name and contact information of a reference, who we will contact to discuss your qualifications, and complete an endorsement form on your behalf by October 30, 2023. Your reference could be a sisterhood/women’s group leader, a WRJ District leader, a WRJ Board member, a Jewish communal leader, clergy, or another nonprofit leader or colleague who is familiar with your qualifications.
  • Explain why you want to return to or continue on WRJ's Board of Directors and what you hope to accomplish in a new term.
  • Are there any WRJ projects you are currently involved with that require additional/continued board service?


If you have any questions, please reach out to WRJ Director of Events and Leadership Amanda Feldman at