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Gender Pay Equity: Reform Jewish Values at Work


As leaders of the Reform Movement with its deep commitment to social justice and equal opportunity, we are troubled by the lingering of the gender wage gap. To that end, we are honored to be guest editing the Fall 2018 issue of the CCAR Journal, which will be devoted to considering various aspects of this issue as we seek effective solutions to assure pay equity for all who work within Reform institutions.

As part of this specially themed CCAR Journal, we are seeking personal stories (“vignettes”) of up to 500 words that demonstrate the real-life impact of the gender wage gap. Narratives can include both positive and negative stories. These can be published by name or anonymously, however the editors will need to know who the author is. We welcome all submissions, although we cannot guarantee publication of every vignette. Possible subject matter might include:


-Discovering that a similarly-situated colleague was paid more or less than you


-Stories about salary negotiations through a gender lens


-Conversations by hiring committees related to disparate pay for female applicants


-Examples of institutional changes made to adjust for prior disparities


Submissions should be sent by Feb. 28, 2018 to the co-editors, Rabbi Marla Feldman and Rabbi Mary Zamore at the email addresses below. Please be sure to indicate whether or not you wish your authorship to remain confidential. There will be an editing process which will involve initial feedback from us, as well as subsequent editing by the CCAR’s editor. Links to the relevant style guides are provided below.


To provide you with context, below is a listing of the articles that will appear in the collection. Please note that the order is not yet set, and these are not the official titles of the pieces:


  • Foreword: About the Reform Pay Equity Initiative – Guest Editors, Rabbi Marla Feldman and Rabbi Mary Zamore
  • A Reform Responsum: Is there an obligation under Jewish law to pay men and women the same for comparable labor? CCAR Responsa Committee, led by Dr. Jonathan Cohen
  • Gender Pay Equity: A Jewish Imperative – Rabbi Mary Zamore
  • What the Latest CCAR Rabbinic Salary Study Reveals about the Gender Wage Gap – Michael Gan
  • United data narrative of the gender wage gap in the Reform Movement – Elise Gould, Economist
  • What is ‘Fair’ Compensation – Rabbi Paul Golomb
  • A History of Reform Judaism’s Advocacy on Pay Equity – Barbara Weinstein, Director, Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism
  •  The bigger picture of women in the workplace: Shifra Bronznick, Advancing Women Professionals
  • Best Practices for Assuring Gender Fairness in the Workplace -  Amy Asin and/or Rabbi Esther Lederman, URJ Strengthening Congregations
  • Beyond Salaries – Fair Employment Practices (including family leave, retirement benefits, health coverage, professional development) – Melissa S. Johnson, Executive Director, Main Line Reform Temple Beth Elohim. 
  • Afterword: Where Do We Go from Here (author TBD)


For additional information about submissions and the CCAR Journal Style Guide, please go to the following links:



Master Style Sheet:

Master word list:


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the emails below. We look forward to receiving your vignette by Wednesday, February 28, 2018.


Rabbi Marla Feldman


Rabbi Mary Zamore