Speakers Bureau

Your sisterhood is entitled to a speaker from the Heartland District!

How does it work?

Each sisterhood and women's group in the Heartland District is entitled to an in-person District speaker once every two years.

Online speakers may be requested more often.

Most sisterhoods request a speaker for their own sisterhood alone, but you may request a speaker for a joint event with one or more other affiliated sisterhoods in your city or local area..

What expenses does the sisterhood incur?

There are no expenses when a Heartland District speaker visits a sisterhood/women’s group within the two-year period, nor are there any expenses with online presentations.

However, the Heartland District Speakers Bureau Chair may arrange for additional speakers within the two-year period at the local sisterhood’s or women’s group’s expense. Contact wrjheartland@gmail.com for information regarding the Speakers Bureau.

What will the District speaker talk about?

The District speaker may talk about any subject that an organization needs a bit of help with such as: engagement, new members, leadership, budgets, conducting meetings, problem-solving, how to give a D’var, how to deal with difficult people, budgets, and other topics. Any area that a sisterhood/women’s group needs strengthening is a potential for a Heartland District speaker’s visit.

How can I request a District speaker?

Requests for a District speaker should be mailed or emailed to the Heartland District Speakers Bureau Chair at least eight weeks in advance. Click here to access the Request Form.

What happens after the event?

Sisterhoods/women's groups should complete and submit the following Women's Group Evaluation Form.

Speakers should complete this Speaker Evaluation Form.

Also, many sisterhoods/women’s groups make a contribution to the Heartland District in honor of the District Speaker.

All forms on this page are for WRJ Heartland District speakers.

In alternate years, WRJ Sisterhoods are entitled to a WRJ speaker.
Visit the WRJ Speakers Bureau webpage for WRJ speaker forms.