Heartland Leadership Resources

There are many resources available to help leadership guide their organizations to success!

Area Directors

Do you know who your Area Director is . . .
. . . and what she does?

Area Directors (AD) are your connection to the Heartland District and to WRJ. 

Each sisterhood/women's group, or individual member, is assigned an AD who calls and emails your leadership several times a year to check in.  The AD will report on Heartland District and WRJ happenings, but most importantly, your AD is there to hear what's going on in your organization. 

For more information about Area Directors, please click here.

Area Directors

Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is a great tool to bring interesting and informative speakers to your organization. The speaker can address a specific problem (How to Deal with Difficult People") or topics in general ("Fundraising") that can help your organization achieve its goals.  Each organization is eligible for a Heartland District speaker once every two years for no charge.  Contact the Speakers Bureau for more information or to request a speaker.


Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is an online platform where Heartland District members discuss issues important to their organizations and their members and announce important upcoming events and activities.  Mighty Networks allows leadership to have conversations, ask and respond to questions, collaborate, and share ideas and resources.  To access Heartland Mighty Networks space, please click here. To request access please email leadership@wrj.org.



The Heartland District uses Zoom to conduct online meetings and programs, and record these for future review for those not able to attend.  To request a Zoom meeting or program, please fill out this form.

Financial Forms

Click here to download the Deposit Form.

Click here to download the Expense Reimbursement Form.

Click here to download the Vendor Payment Form.

Click here to download the Treasurer's Worksheet Form



Pease fill out the Leadership Change Form with your most up-to-date leadership information so you can receive the latest news about what is happening in Heartland District and WRJ.  If you have any questions, please email leadership@wrj.org or call WRJ directly at 212-650-4050.

WRJ Code of Conduct

Please click here for WRJ's Code of Conduct.