Economic Security

WRJ Advocacy Initiative: Pay Equity

WRJ has long believed in and advocated for women to receive equal pay for equal work. This spring, we are putting thoughts into action, providing a multitude of resources for sisterhoods to lobby their local representation and invigorate their communities. Change starts with you—educate members of your sisterhood, congregation, and other communities encourage an audit of practices in your synagogue; and more! View WRJ resources on Pay Equity

Resolutions & Statements

Advocacy Alerts

Resolutions & Statements

2009: Economic Priorities for the New Administration and Congress (Advocacy Guide)

2008: Paid Sick Leave (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Minimum Wage (Advocacy Guide)

1985: Economic Justice 

1983: Equality for Women 

1963: Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Equal Pay Day Brings the Launch of WRJ's Pay Equity Initiative

2015: Women's History Month, Paycheck Fairness Act, Channel Passion into Action

2013: Comprehensive Sex Ed, Minimum Wage

2013: ENDA, Women in Jewish Organizations, New Israeli Ambassador

2013: Equal Pay, Gene Patenting, Rabbis in Israel

2013: Emergency Contraception, Equal Pay Day, and Consultation on Conscience

2013: VAWA, Fair Pay, and Women in Combat

2012: End Violence Against Women, Living Wage, Rights of the Disabled

2012: Sukkot, Paycheck Fairness, and Supporting Our Servicewomen

2012: Social Action Project Ideas, Eradicate Obstetric Fistula Worldwide

2012: Paycheck Fairness Act Up for a Vote in the Senate Soon

2011: Let's Talk Turkey, The Canadian Government Changes its Votes at the UN

2011: Important News to Consider and Actions to Take on Israel, East Africa, and the Paycheck Fairness Act

2011: Emergency Call-In Day for the People of South Sudan, Supreme Court Ruling in the Walmart Case

2011: Paycheck Fairness Act, Sacred Conversations, A Student Rabbi's Experience in Joplin, MO After the Disaster

2011: The Paycheck Fairness Act, Federal Budget

2011: ARZA and the Delegitimization Movement Against Israel, Women's Workplace Issues

2010: Unemployment Benefits, Gender Wage Gap, Reproductive Rights

2010: Women Helping Impoverished Jewish Mothers, National Medical Marijuana Week, Women in Administration FY 2011 Budget Request