WRJ Fried Leadership Conference 2018

Making the Case to Attend

“Cannot wait to bring the workshops I attended back to my sisterhood.”
– Phyllis Bigelson, Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA

We recognize that FLC is expensive to attend and you may need to “make the case” (within your family or sisterhood) to join us in Nashville in March. Here are some tools to assist you in “pitching” your attendance at FLC:

Step 1: Itemize your anticipated expenses

Research and calculate the costs you expect to incur in order to attend FLC. Create a budget you can present, including:

  • Registration Cost: Note that the Registration Fee includes all meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday breakfast. Check the Grants page to find out if your sisterhood is eligible for a grant that covers one Early Bird registration fee.
  • Transportation: Airfare and/or ground transportation to and from Nashville. 
  • Hotel: Budget for as many nights as you will need to stay (while FLC only lasts three nights, depending on your travel availability and/or program attendance, some may need to arrive a night early in order to arrive in time). A room at the Nashville Airport Marriott Hotel in the WRJ block costs $179/night + tax when booked by February 5, 2018. A room can certainly be shared between 2 or more attendees. If you do not have your own roommate and would like one, you can use the FLC Yammer group to connect with others.

Step 2: Share the benefits of FLC for you and your sisterhood

To most effectively explain why you should attend FLC, clearly articulate the connection between your sisterhood’s needs and the FLC programming and take-aways:

  • Focus specifically on what new skills, knowledge, and connections you will bring back from FLC. This is your sisterhood’s “return on investment” from your participation at FLC. In addition to what you learn from FLC workshops and speakers, it will also include a better understanding of WRJ’s resources and access to tools and support via Yammer.
  • Offer to make a presentation to your sisterhood upon your return from Nashville.
  • Explain how attending FLC benefits you, your sisterhood, and your community.
  • Demonstrate how you’re economizing with expenses (carpooling, flight sale, sharing a hotel room, early bird registration). 


“I met and spoke with women with the same sorts of issues in their sisterhoods and we really talked about ideas and ways to address these issues.”
– Duryan Clark, Women of Temple Shalom, Aberdeen, NJ



Social Media Toolkit

Help promote FLC 2018 among your friends on social media! Copy and paste the text below (personalize as you would like) and download graphics to use with your posts!

Sample Facebook Posts:

Once you've registered:

Are you looking for an unforgettable weekend? Are you looking to hone your leadership skills? Are you always on the search for good Southern barbeque? If you answered yes to any of these questions, JOIN ME in Nashville, TN in March 2018 for WRJ's Fried Leadership Conference (FLC), Women of Reform Judaism’s flagship event. At FLC I will be given the perfect opportunity to gain and fine-tune skills, broaden my Jewish knowledge, and connect more with WRJ. It's the perfect event for any woman interested in WRJ and the Reform Movement and current, rising, and experienced sisterhood leaders. Register today to join me in Nashville, Tennessee for this friend-filled, educational, and spiritual weekend!

Share about your previous experience:

I am so excited to once again attend one of the most inspiring weekends of my year at WRJ's Fried Leadership Conference! Mixing leadership skills, professional development, and lifelong memories with a country twist, this year’s FLC in Nashville is sure to inspire. Last year in Charleston I was able to build on my leadership skills and also bring back (fill in a skill you learned more about at an FLC) skills to my community. Register to join me in Nashville, TN in March 2018 for what is sure to be a fun, moving, and fulfilling weekend!

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