Virtual WRJ Fried Women's Conference 2021

Legislative Body Meeting


The WRJ 2021 Legislative Body Meeting will take place online on Thursday, March 18, 2021, at 7 – 10 pm ET. During this virtual Legislative Body Meeting, both voting delegates and general attendees alike have the opportunity to hear about WRJ’s proposed constitutional revisions and resolutions, and approved voting delegates will vote on these important items. The Legislative Body Meeting will also feature music from Elana Arian. Sisterhood presidents will receive an email prior to the meeting letting them know how many voting delegates their sisterhood will have as per Article 5, Section B of the WRJ Constitution. Registration is now closed.

Legislative Body Rules


2021 Resolutions Introduction 

Labor Issues Impacting Women in the 21st Century

Addressing a Legacy of Reproductive and Gender-Based Violence Against Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color in North America

Video Explaining 2021 Resolutions 

Constitutional Revisions 

WRJ Proposed Constitutional Revisions Summary

WRJ Constitution with 2021 Proposed Changes

Zoom Discussion Sessions for the Resolutions and Constitutional Revisions were recorded and shared in Yammer for those who want to watch them at another time. We look forward to discussing these important matters with you and seeing you at the Legislative Body Meeting on March 18th!