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Signature Products

Throughout the years, WRJ has created numerous signature products to help raise funds to support the organization, the YES Fund, and other WRJ initiatives, and make great gifts for family, friends, fellow sisterhood members/congregants, and clergy. Our products have a rich and iconic history, as well as supporting the work of the WRJ community.

Published in 2007, The Torah: A Women's Commentary was commissioned by WRJ and is the first comprehensive commentary on the Torah authored exclusively by women, giving dimension to the women's voices in our tradition.

Some of WRJ's most notable and popular publications are the books from the WRJ Covenant Series, which feature original, inspirational prayers and readings written by women and for women.

Sold since WRJ's establishment and once referred to as "a Jewish message for a Jewish people," Uniongrams come in a range of sizes for individual and group messaging, and sales of these items have gone to support the YES Fund.

One of its first projects after its establishment, the iconic WRJ Art Calendar has helped bring Jewish artists’ work to the wider public, and serves as a guide to Jewish holidays and Reform Torah and Haftarah portions.