How to Join

WRJ welcomes sisterhoods/women’s groups and individuals from North America, Israel, and around the world to become affiliated with our organization and enjoy the many benefits of affiliation

North American Sisterhoods: Please complete and return a North American Sisterhood Application for Affiliation. If your sisterhood has more questions about the benefits of WRJ or how to join, a WRJ representative can make an in-person visit to speak to your membership.

Israel and Global Affiliates: Please complete and return an Israeli/Global Affiliates Application for Affiliation when they are ready to join. If your women’s group has more questions about the benefits of WRJ or how to join, a video conference can be made between WRJ representatives and your membership.

Individual Members: Please complete and return an Individual Membership Application with your annual contribution for Individual Membership. Upon receipt of your application, WRJ Manager of Program & Affiliate Services Heather Lorgeree will contact you.

For more information about WRJ affiliation, individual membership, or to arrange an in-person or virtual visit with a representative, please contact WRJ Manager of Programs & Affiliate Services Heather Lorgeree at or 212.650.4063.