How Sisterhoods Say YES

Through the YES Fund, WRJ is able to achieve what no one individual or one sisterhood could accomplish alone as it represents the collective efforts of our sisterhoods and our individual donors to advance our mission of strengthening Reform Judaism in our congregations, in North America, and around the world.

Although the final allocation of money from the YES Fund is authorized by the WRJ Executive Committee, there are many ways that your sisterhood can and should get involved in supporting the YES Fund.

Donate to the…

YES Fund

Ask your sisterhood and sisterhood members to donate annually to the YES Fund. Note: These donations made during the WRJ fiscal year (July 1-June 30) are credited to the sisterhoods for the YES Fund honor roll level.

Lifeline Endowment Fund

Ask your sisterhood and sisterhood members to make donations annually to the Lifeline Endowment Fund.

Shop for…

WRJ Products

Purchase YES Fund items either for your sisterhood, your Judaica shop, and/or your congregation. (Note: Sisterhoods may sell YES Fund items for an amount greater than the purchase price and after paying the cost of the product to WRJ, which supports the YES Fund, keep the profit.)

Uniongrams and YES Fund Note Cards

Have your sisterhood or sisterhood members send messages of congratulations, thanks, get well wishes, etc. utilizing WRJ’s Uniongrams and other YES Fund note cards. Encourage your sisterhood officers, especially your corresponding secretary, along with your rabbi and cantor to use these products for correspondence, messages, and invitations (and remind the clergy that their education was partially funded by the sale of these very YES Fund items).

Incorporate at your sisterhood/congregation by…

Utilizing YES Fund information

Make this part of each sisterhood program by explaining the history of the Uniongram, displaying YES Fund items, and educating your members about who YES helps.

Honoring Special Events

Publish a list of upcoming b’nai mitzvot, birthdays, and anniversaries in your temple bulletin and suggest donors make a contribution to the YES Fund for each person they would like to honor (i.e. $1-2 per person). Then have your Uniongram chairwoman compile and send a Uniongram to the honoree listing all the donors.

Hosting a Uniongram Recipe Luncheon

Have members bring recipes written on Uniongrams to the event and display Uniongrams as decorations.

Planning a YES Fundraiser

Utilize ideas from other sisterhoods to help raise funds for the YES Fund through engaging programming for your sisterhood and congregation.

For more information on the YES Fund and how you/ your sisterhood can help, please contact WRJ Manager of Philanthropy Shari Schulner or call 212.650.4072.