International Conflict

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Resolutions & Statements

2015: The Crisis of Syrian and Other Refugees from the Middle East

2011: Sustainable Consumption and Production (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Divestment Policy to End Genocide in Darfur (Advocacy Guide)

2007: Statement on Iran (Advocacy Guide)

2003: Global Issues (Advocacy Guide)

2002: Human Rights Issues (Advocacy Guide)

2002: Conflict Diamonds (Advocacy Guide)

2000: Landmines

2000: Debt Relief

1999: Crisis in the Balkans

1997: Apprehension and Prosecution of War Criminals

1995: Statement on Bosnia

1993: Ethnic Conflict and Violence

1989: East-West Relations

1987: The United Nations War Crimes Commission and its Archives

1985: Genocide Convention

1983: The Nuclear Threat and Arms Race

1983: Peace Keeping in Lebanon

1983: Central America and the Carribbean

1982: Nuclear Disarmament

1981: Peace and Disarmament

1979: Salt II

1979: Kampuchea (Cambodia)

1979: Diplomatic Immunity: Hostages in Iran

1979: Boat People

1977: Terrorism

1973: Amnesty

1971: Vietnam

1971: The United Nations

1969: Priorities for Peace

1967: Vietnam

1965: The United Nations

1965: Conventions on Human Rights

1963: The United Nations

1963: Genocide Convention

1961: The Peace Corps

1961: Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

1959: Peace and Disarmament

1957: Disarmament

1955: The United Nations

1955: Technical Assistance and Economic Aid

1955: Genocide

1955: Disarmament

1954: Disarmament

1953: United Nations

1953: Unicef

1953: Genoicde

1952: The United Nations

1952: Genocide

1950: The United Nations and Korea

1950: Negotiations for Peaceful Settlement

1950: Genocide

1950: Effective Action Against Aggression

1950: Economic Aid to Underdeveloped Areas

1949: United Nations

1949: Regulation of Armaments and Control of Atomic Energy

1949: Genocide

1948: United Nations

1947: United Nations: Continued Study and Support

1945: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation

1945: Atomic Energy

1944: Prevention of Mass Starvation

1944: National Peace Conference Proposal

1944: International Organization

1943: Plight Of The Oppressed

1941: Strengthening Ties With Latin And South American Nations

1941: Sisterhoods In Countries At War

1941: Commission To Study Problems Of World Organization

1941: Aid To Threatened Nations

1940: National Peace Conference

1940: Commendation Of The President

1940: Arts Of Peace

1939: Gratitude to President Franklin Roosevelt

1938: Peace Education

1937: World Peace

1934: Word Peace

1931: Resolution on Peace

1929: Participation In World Friendship Project

1927: International Justice Court Endorsed

1927: International Disarmament Urged

1927: Endorse Treaty Of Traffic In Arms Conference

1927: Arbitration Urged

1923: Recommendation for Permanent Peace

1921: Disarmament

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Reform Movement Statement on the Iran Deal

2014: Board Statements: Nigerian Girls Kidnapping, Hobby Lobby

2013: Peace Talks, Youth, and August Recess

2011: Let's Talk Turkey, The Canadian Government Changes its Votes at the UN

2011: Gilad Shalit Comes Home

2011: Take Action to Protect Medicaid, Gaza Bound Flotilla - Become Informed

2011: Emergency Call-In Day for the People of South Sudan, Supreme Court Ruling in the Walmart Case

2011: Reserve a Chair for Gilad Shalit

2011: URJ and ARZA Statement on US Opposition to Proposed Lebanese Resolution to UN Security Council

2010: High Holiday Campaign for Gilad Shalit

2010: Become Informed: Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Approval of Cordoba House

2010: Ambassador Rice Speaks on Children and the Armed Conflict

2010: Reform Movement Response to Gaza Flotilla Incident

2010: Proposed Conversion Bill in Knesset, No Nukes for Iran