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Resolutions & Statements

1997: Jewish Unity and Solidarity 

1993: Family

1991: The Rights of Gay Men and Lesbian Women 

1991: Equality for Women in the Rabbinate

1989: North American Federation of Temple Youth 

1987: The Jewish Family 

1987: Negative Stereotyping

1987: Israel and the Progressive Movement 

1983: The Jewish Family

1983: Jewish Identity, Education, and Committment 

1979: Commitment to Jewish Values

1977: Learning for Jewish Living

1975: Credo of Peoplehood and Jewish Responsibility

1965: Judaism and the Arts

1965: Intra-Faith

1935: National Anti-Tuberculosis Society

1933: Cooperation with Braille Institute

1925: On Jewish House Mothers in Jewish Fraternities

1925: Committee On Conference

1923: Census Of Jews In Rural Districts

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Want to Make a Difference in Israel? ARZA in the WZO Elections

2013: Sequestration, Immigration, and NFTY Convention

2012: Social Action Project Ideas (for Schools, Shelters, Senior Care, and More!), Eradicate Obstetric Fistula Worldwide

2012: Take Action on Equality for Reform Rabbis in Israel, Experience the WRJ Blog

2012: VAWA Reauthorization, Or Ami Awards Continued (Women's Health Education, Charity Drive, Child Safety, Habitat for Humanity)

2012: Invitation to Write for WRJ Centennial Covenant Book

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued (Jewish Women's History, WRJ-Israel Twinning Retreat), Disaster Relief

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued (Birthing Kits, LGBTQ Bullying, Intergenerational Tea Party), Reminder: Help End Childhood Hunger

2012: Important Notice: Hold the Date for Israel, Or Ami Award Winning Projects (Youth Holocaust Education, Bag Recycling)

2012: Featuring the 2011 WRJ Or Ami "Light of My People" Award (Cooking, Mental Health Conference)

2011: WRJ 48th Assembly Proposed Resolutions Packet (November)

2011: 9/11 Tenth Anniversary, Four Hundred Thousand Israelis Marching for Social Justice

2011: WRJ 48th Assembly Proposed Resolutions Packet (September)

2011: Religious Action Center Hosts Social Action Skills Training Events

2011: Paycheck Fairness Act, Sacred Conversations, A Student Rabbi's Experience in Joplin, MO After the Disaster

2011: Yom HaShoah

2011: Passover: A Time of Warmth and Social Justice

2011: International Women's Day, RAC Website

2011: Jewish Delegation Meets with President Obama, UN Secretary General Speaks at Holocaust Museum

2011: Reminder: Submit Or Ami Application by April 22

2011: Plan a Program on Jewish Food: An Entree to Judaism and the World of the Diaspora

2011: A Painful Week of Loss

2011: In Memory of Debbie Friedman

2011: Jewish Population Growth and URJ Campaign for Teen Engagement

2011: Or Ami Application and Information

2010: Celebrate 50 Years of Social Justice with the RAC

2010: CEDAW Hearing, Canadian Prime Minister Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism, Outreach Question

2010: Speak Up for the DREAM Act, Celebrating 50 Years of Social Justice

2010: Become Informed: Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Approval of Cordoba House

2010: High Holiday Campaign for Gilad Shalit

2010: Participate in the Successful WRJ/Lilith Salon Program

2010: We're Almost There - Health Care Reform, World Zionist Congress

2010: New Breast Self-Exam Shower Cards Available, Program Suggestions for Sisterhoods