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Leadership Development

WRJ brings together women from around the world to learn from one another, develop personal relationships, create a joyful community of faith, and have fun. Through events on both the global and regional level, women study and worship together, share best practices, and learn from diverse WRJ leaders, scholars, and experts.


WRJ Consultants are WRJ Board and WRJ Chai Society members who help rising leaders and sisterhoods become more successful by guiding them in a topic of their expertise.

WRJ hosts a variety of events for affiliated members and women of Progressive Judaism from around the world, which are are meant to educate, inform, inspire, connect and elevate women’s leadership and spirituality.

This WRJ service aims to help develop leadership skills, provide education, and bring spirituality to sisterhoods across North America by sending experienced WRJ leaders to lead special events and workshops for local groups.