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Resolutions & Statements

2012: Rights of Women in Israel

2000: Rights of Women and Girl Children Worldwide

1995: 75th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote in the United States 

1993: Equality for Women

1991: Ratification on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women 

1991: Equality for Women in the Rabbinate 

1991: Crimes Against Women 

1987: Negative Stereotyping

1987: Civil Rights Restoration Act

1985: Women in the Chaplaincy: U.S. Armed Forces

1985: Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1985

1983: Plight of the Elderly in Today's Society 

1983: International Decade for Women, International Year of Youth

1983: Equality for Women

1981: Women's Rights

1979: Women's Rights

1977: Women's Rights

1975: Status of Women 

1973: Equal Rights Amendment

1971: Women in Decision-Making

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Equal Pay Day Brings the Launch of WRJ's Pay Equity Initiative

2015: Women's History Month, Paycheck Fairness Act, Channel Passion into Action

2013: ENDA, Women in Jewish Organizations, New Israeli Ambassador

2013: Emergency Contraception Access, ERA

2012: Success in Miri Gold Case, Gender Segregation in Israel Continues

2012: WRJ Speaks Out Against Gender Segregation in Israel

2012: Support Strong Juvenile Justice Funding, Segregation in Israel

2011: Update on Assembly Resolutions, RAC Search for WRJ Women's Rights Activists

2011: Emergency Call-In Day for the People of South Sudan, Supreme Court Ruling in the Walmart Case

2011: ARZA and the Delegitimization Movement Against Israel, Women's Workplace Issues

2011: International Women's Day, RAC Website

2010: Regina Jonas: World's First Woman Rabbi Ordained in 1935, WRJ Advocacy on on Behalf of Women's Equality in Judaism

2010: Invitation to Join White House Conference Calls on Issues of Concern to Women

2010: An Important New UN Agency: UN Women

2010: Women of the Wall Calls on Us to Take a Stand

2010: Urgent Alert: Women of the Wall

2010: Unemployment Insurance Legislation, CEDAW, Juvenile Justice Call-In, Impact of Holocaust on Breast Cancer

2010: Elena Kagan, Juvenile Justice

2010: Elena Kagan Nominated to Supreme Court

2010: Special Mothers Day Message: Supporting CEDAW, Early Childhood Programs

2010: Aid Earthquake Victims, Women of Faith Leadership Summit, Women, Faith, and Development Alliance Paises WRJ

2010: Women Helping Impoverished Jewish Mothers, National Medical Marijuana Week, Women in Administration FY 2011 Budget Request

2010: Anat Hoffman Interrogated by the Jerusalem Police

2010: WRJ Sisterhoods Stand in Solidarity with Women of the Wall