Legacy Jewish Women’s Organization Adopts CEO Title for Senior Most Staff Position

New York, NY– Women of Reform Judaism, a 111-year-old legacy Jewish women’s empowerment organization, recently voted at its triannual legislative body meeting to change the title of its senior most staff position from executive director to chief executive officer (CEO.) 

Rabbi Liz P.G. Hirsch currently holds this position in the organization. 

This change was previously approved by the WRJ North American Board earlier this year, who consulted a recent Leading Edge survey showing that male-identified leaders were more likely to have the title of CEO or president; when women had the equivalent leadership position, the title was more often executive director, even when the organizations were the same size. 

“This change is more than cosmetic. Titles go a long way in signaling value and leveling the playing field,” said Karen Goldberg, WRJ Vice President of Member Services and head of the constitutional amendments committee that proposed this change. “Promoting equity is a key value and issue for WRJ. This title change signals our continued efforts to promote gender equality in and beyond the Jewish organizational world.” 

The added significance of the title changes also allows CEOs to have more leverage in external affairs, such as in aiding in strategic partnerships and fundraising efforts – two areas where WRJ is hoping to expand its reach in the coming years.

Other approved votes from the legislative body included expanding membership and board eligibility requirements, in line with the organization’s efforts to promote inclusion.