Racial Justice

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Resolutions & Statements

2015: The Crisis of Racial and Structural Inequality in Law Enforcement

2013: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

2010: Voluntary Extension of Foster Care

2007: Drug Policy

2001: Elections in the United States

1999: Hate Crimes

1999: Equal Justice and Equal Protection

1995: Affirmative Action

1991: Racism

1987: Civil Rights Restoration Act

1985: Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1985

1985: Intergroup Relations: Increased Effectiveness in Pursuit of Social Justice

1983: Crime and the Criminal Justice System

1981: "We the People"

1977: Affirmative Action

1975: Rights of Individuals

1975: Certain Problems of the Family of Humankind

1971: Crime and Administration of Justice

1967: Anti-Poverty, Crime, and Firearms Legislation

1959: Capital Punishment

1957: The Middle East

1957: The Worth of the Individual

1955: Desegregation

1947: Opposition to Poll Tax

1944: Anti-Poll Tax Legislation

1940: Anti-Lynching Legislation

1936: Analysis of Ruthless Discrimination Against Racial and Minority Groups

1936: Costigan-Wagner Federal Anti-Lynching Bill

Advocacy Alerts

2015: WRJ Statement on the Crisis of Racial and Structural Inequality in Law Enforcement and More

2012: Support Israel from Home, Montreal's First Jewish Mayor, Native American Women

2012: Support Strong Juvenile Justice Funding, Segregation in Israel

2012: Get Out The Vote

2012: Supreme Court Critical Rulings, VAWA, One Minute Campaign in Memory of Murdered Israeli Athletes

2012: Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law, America's Anti-Hunger Programs, L'Dor V'Dor

2010: Celebrate 50 Years of Social Justice with the RAC