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Resolutions & Statements

2000: Concern Regarding the Trial of Thirteen Iranian Jews 

1993: Ethnic Conflict and Violence

1981: Extremist Movements

1981: Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination

1955: Individual Liberties

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Want to Make a Difference in Israel? ARZA in the WZO Elections

2014: Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Decision

2014: Board Statements: Nigerian Girls Kidnapping, Hobby Lobby

2014: Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Oral Arguments

2014: Roe v. Wade Anniversary

2013: Contraception Coverage, Gun Violence Prevention

2013: Gun Violence Prevention, Israeli Reform Rabbis

2013: Equality at the Kotel, Religious Freedom in Canada

2012: Sensible Gun Control and Women of the Wall

2012: Post-Election Webinar, Coalition Against Religious Discrimination, Protecting Contraception Access

2012: Sh'ma Smackdown, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Get Out The Vote

2012: Joplin Fire and Sikh Temple Shooting, Take Ammunition Off Our Streets, Personhood

2012: WRJ Joins Cour Brief in Favor of Gay Marriage, News from RAC and IRAC

2012: Take Action on Equality for Reform Rabbis in Israel, Experience the WRJ Blog

2011: Attack on Mosque in Israel, Breast and Ovarian Cancer: New Research

2011: Protect Health Funding, Glen Beck's Rant Against Reform Judaism

2010: Become Informed: Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Approval of Cordoba House

2010: Ban on Reproductive Health Coverage, Rotem Conversion Bill, Child Nutrition Reauthorization

2010: Freezing Conversion Bill, Reauthorization of Child Nutrition Legislation

2010: Fighting Poverty with Faith, Child Nutrition Reauthorization, Rotem Conversion Bill

2010: Nashville Flood Relief, Muslim-Jewish Interreligious Dialogue, Radio Canada Interview with Dr. Abuelaish

2010: Proposed Conversion Bill in Knesset, No Nukes for Iran

2010: Call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to Prevent Passage of Conversion Legislation

2010: Call for Religious Equality in Israel

2010: Anat Hoffman Interrogated by the Jerusalem Police

2010: WRJ Sisterhoods Stand in Solidarity with Women of the Wall