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Resolutions & Statements

1993: Religious Celebration

1993: Family

1991: The Rights of Gay Men and Lesbian Women

1991: Equality for Women in the Rabbinate 

1987: The Jewish Family 

1983: Jewish Identity, Education, and Committment 

1979: Women's Rights

1979: North American Federation of Temple Youth

1977: Women's Rights

1975: Status of Women 

1965: Judaism and the Family

1955: Spiritual Rededication

1949: The Sabbath

1948: Sabbath Observance

1946: National Federation of Temple Youth

1943: National Family Week

1929: Peace Prayer

1929: Director of Young Folk's Activities

1924: Regarding Observance of Chanukah By Jews

1923: Synagogue Opening

1923: Home Observance Of Ceremonies

1921: Recommendation on Children's Services

1919: Attendance At Religious Services

1919: A Book Of Biblical Selections And Prayers

1915: Celebration Of Passover And Sabbath Eve

Advocacy Alerts

2012: Sukkot, Paycheck Fairness, and Supporting Our Servicewomen

2012: High Holy Days Social Justice Guide, Environmental Standards for Drilling, IRAC Petition

2012: Anat Hoffman's Tenth Anniversary at the IRAC, It's a Woman of the Wall Passover

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued, Reminder: Help End Childhood Hunger

2012: Important Notice: Hold the Date for Israel, Or Ami Award Winning Projects

2011: Yom HaShoah

2011: Passover: A Time of Warmth and Social Justice

2011: Women's Health Advocacy, IRAC Food Drive for the Spring Holidays, Pesach Resources for Jews in the Military

2011: Jewish Population Growth and URJ Campaign for Teen Engagement

2010: New Readings on Jonah