In 2013, in honor of WRJ’s Centennial, we published 12 Divrei Torah for use by WRJ sisterhoods at meetings and other events. These pieces were written by Chair, Cynthia Roosth Wolf to honor women of our ancestral and organizational past, lift up the core values and successes of WRJ, and celebrate the unique qualities of womankind.

There is no recommended sequence; sisterhoods are encouraged to use these WRJ Divrei Torah in any order that they want and as each theme (in parentheses) is of interest or fits appropriately. Although these were written to celebrate WRJ’s Centennial, these 12 Divrei Torah are wonderful Torah study resources to use at any time:

  • Caregivers of Moses (The NFTS Pioneer Founders and NFTS/WRJ Executive Directors)
  • Daughters of Zelophehad (Advocacy for Women’s Issues and a Legacy of Women’s Voices)
  • Deborah (Hearing Women’s Voices Adds to Our People’s History)
  • Esther (One Woman and the Survival of Judaism)
  • Eve (“I Am Woman” with Vulnerability, Flexibility and Success)
  • Leah and Rachel (Sisters by Birth and Sisters by Choice (NFTS/WRJ))
  • Miriam (Celebration and Sacred Connection)
  • Naomi and Ruth (The Mitzvah of Membership and the Value of Diversity)
  • Rebekah (The Mitzvah of Kindness and the Adventure of Going Forth)
  • Sarah (Names and Responsibilities)
  • Tamar (Conscious Choices and Choosing One’s Own Destiny)
  • Unnamed Women (Stronger Together)

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