Jewish Values

Resolve to Lean into Your Values

Laurel Fisher

It is time again for New Year’s resolutions - that annual promise that THIS year will be YOUR year. “Out with the old and in with the new! This year I will get organized/learn a new skill/exercise more/travel more.” You get the idea.

While motivation is high

Why WRJ was so Instrumental for My Jewish Self

Debbi K. Levy
In my local Sisterhood, one of my volunteer roles was that of Spirituality Chair. This meant that once a year, on Sisterhood Sabbath, the liturgy, bimah participants, and musical offerings were created by Sisterhood with the guidance of our clergy. There was cutting and pasting of the Sabbath prayers to create the evening’s booklet and original, heartfelt prayers authored just for this occasion by our members. We sang as a Sisterhood choir, and many of us participated in both the traditional liturgy and special readings highlighting the chesed, the acts of kindness that Sisterhood put forth during the cycle of our year. Of all the roles I ever encountered as a Sisterhood volunteer, this one was carving out my future as a spiritual leader.