Voices of WRJ

This weekly blog series, published on Fridays, features insights from WRJ leaders on the Torah portions from a women's perspective. Enhance your Torah learning and understanding by adding Voices to your reading list.

Voices of WRJ: Vayak’heil-P’Kudei

Holly Plotnick
March 12, 2021


In last week’s Torah portion (Ki Tisa), the Israelites gathered against Aaron (Moses’ brother) to demand that he led them to make the Golden Calf as an idol to represent God as they were unsure when or if Moses would be returning.

Voices of WRJ; T'tzaveh

Debbie Jackson, Temple Israel - Memphis
February 26, 2021


Even though parashah T’tzaveh is not read until this month, I find myself writing today on December 31, 2020.

Voices of WRJ - T'rumah

Julia Weinstein
February 18, 2021


In Parashah T'rumah, God instructs, “And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.” Where does God dwell today, and how do we apply the concept of sanctuary to our lives during these uncertain times?

God was very detailed in instructing

Voices of WRJ - Mishpatim

Rachelle Weiss Crane
February 12, 2021


Mishpatim is filled with detailed rules and regulations. It would be naïve to read the interpersonal laws about the treatment of animals, slaves, and property and how to offer kindness to strangers as mundane.