Voices of WRJ

This weekly blog series, published on Fridays, features insights from WRJ leaders on the Torah portions from a women's perspective. Enhance your Torah learning and understanding by adding Voices to your reading list.

Voices of WRJ: Vayishlach

Abby Fisher
December 4, 2020


To say that a lot happens in parashah Vayishlach would be a serious understatement. Jacob returns to Canaan, wrestles with a mysterious man, has his name changed, and reunites with Esau.

Voices of WRJ: Vayeitzei

Susan C. Bass
November 27, 2020


[Rachel] said to Jacob, “Give me children, and if you don’t, I will die.” (Genesis 30:1)

So many of our matriarchs confronted infertility, or “barrenness.” After the visit by the divine messengers, Sarah conceived and gave birth to Isaac.

Voices of WRJ: Tol'dot

Dr. Madelyn Mishkin Katz
November 20, 2020


I now realize the real definition of “retirement” (which began this past July) is “time to go through memorabilia and look over your life!”

I have done just that, and, in the process, I stumbled upon a precious piece of my past.

Voices of WRJ: Vayeira

Rachel Roth
November 6, 2020


Vayeira, (Genesis 18:1–22:24) There is a lot to unpack in this portion.

We are familiar with it. We read the Akeidah (Genesis 22:1), the binding of Isaac, on the High Holy Days every year.