Thank You, WRJ!
—Anat Hoffman

Dear Sisters,

This to say thank you to all of you—staff, leadership and all members of WRJ for your recent generous support of WOW. You gave us more than money. You gave us a true jolt of solid sisterhood. You've been at our side for many long years. Your partnership with us is steadfast and ongoing. 

WOW's goals seem simple and trivial—the right of women to wear a tallit, to pray out loud, to put on phylacteries and to read Torah. The simplicity of our goals is misleading. We are leading a historical revolution in Jewish pluralism and how Judaism treats women. The importance of our struggle is reflected by the enormous opposition that the religious establishment has mounted against us. They too, realize that we can be the engine that could…the engine that moves a long train of other challenges against the Orthodox monopoly on all religious matters in Israel.

Toda raba, Friends.


Anat Hoffman