WRJ Torah Study Lead Block

Torah Study

The Sages taught that the study of Torah is equal to all the other mitzvot combined. One of the basic tenets of Judaism, Torah study is particularly significant to WRJ. Over the years, WRJ has advocated for equal rights for women in Jewish learning and participation in and leading of worship. WRJ brings a unique, feminist perspective to Reform Jewish study and provides a bounty of resources from which to learn and pray.

Some of WRJ's most notable and popular publications are the books from the WRJ Covenant Series, which feature original, inspirational prayers and readings written by women and for women.

Published in 2007, The Torah: A Women's Commentary was commissioned by WRJ and is the first comprehensive commentary on the Torah authored exclusively by women, giving dimension to the women's voices in our tradition.

This weekly blog series, published on Fridays, features insights from WRJ leaders on the Torah portions from a women's perspective. Enhance your Torah learning and understanding by adding Voices to your reading list.

In honor of WRJ’s Centennial, WRJ published 12 Divrei Torah for use by WRJ sisterhoods that honor women of our ancestral and organizational past, lift up the core values and successes of WRJ, and celebrate the unique qualities of womankind.

Completed in 2001, the Torat Nashim is the WRJ Torah that travels to sisterhoods, congregations, WRJ Districts, and Movement organizations around the world for conventions and special occasions.