Unsung Heroine Awards


Created to celebrate WRJ’s Centennial year, the Unsung Heroines Program recognizes WRJ members who have never been officially honored but who have helped advance the organization’s goals of promoting women’s issues and leadership in the Reform Jewish movement. Due to the overwhelming success of the program, WRJ will continue to encourage our members to recognize the Unsung Heroines in their sisterhoods.

WRJ engages tens of thousands of women, many of whom have never been recognized for the incredible ways in which they have improved our organization. We all know women like this. Now is the time to share their stories.

Selection Process

WRJ Sisterhood presidents should work with their executive committees to determine how best to select a deserving honoree (see below for suggested eligibility requirements). Ideas for selection include: discussing at a board meeting, sending an e-mail to Sisterhood members, or convening a special meeting with Presidents/Past Presidents. 

Suggested Eligibility Requirements

To be nominated for this distinguished honor, an individual must have:

  • Made substantial volunteer and/or financial contributions to a WRJ Sisterhood;
  • Been a member of a WRJ Sisterhood;
  • Not been previously recognized by WRJ or your Sisterhood;
  • Not been a WRJ or District Board member at any time

Special Recognition

There are numerous ways that your Sisterhood can recognize these Unsung Heroines:

  • An award certificate template may be presented to the individual and/or her family. 
  • press release template may be used to promote honorees to local media/the synagogue.
  • Other suggestions: Writing an article for the temple bulletin, having your rabbi say a blessing for them during a Sisterhood program or Shabbat, or purchasing a Special Service Pin as a gift for the honoree.

For questions about starting or continuing the WRJ Unsung Heroines Program, please contact WRJ Manager of Programming & Affiliate Services Heather Lorgeree at hlorgeree@wrj.org or 212.650.4063.