WHEREAS, A primary concern of the 'National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods is the welfare of children, and 31,000 babies die needlessly each year; 2,000,000 children suffer from tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, heart disease; 20,000,000 children do not obtain the dental care they, need; 250,000 are yearly brought into juvenile courts; and

WHEREAS; The National Commission on Children in Wartime stated in its 1945 report that the $5,000,000 being spent at present on child and maternal welfare is entirely inadequate,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Executive Board of the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, convened on December 10, 1945, in executive session in Cincinnati, Ohio, communicate to Senator James E. Murray, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and Labor, endorsement of the Maternal and Child Welfare Act of 1945, Bill S. 1318, known as the Pepper Bill, which embodies most of the recommendations of the National Commission on Children in Wartime, and provides $100,000,000 for mothers and children regardless of race, creed or color, national origin or place of residence. The Executive Board further urges the Senate Committee on Education and Labor to report this bill favorably to the Senate, in order that the next generation of American youth will be a healthy generation, able to meet the responsibilities of peacetime living and not marked by the deplorable conditions which caused one out of every four men examined for Selective Service to be rejected for physical or mental reasons.