What have we learned from these tragedies of war and ethnic violence?

(A. Vorspan and D. Saperstein, Jewish Dimensions of Social Justice, p. 178)


As Jewish women and concerned citizens, we join with others who deplore the current Kosovo tragedies. Unfortunately, the Balkans have had a long and painful history of ethnic conflict. Women of Reform Judaism, The Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, seeks to respond to the extraordinarily complex situation of the present harrowing ethnic cleansing and the resultant flood of Kosovar Albanian refugees. At the same time, WRJ applauds the neighboring communities and individuals for their open-hearted generosity in welcoming the refugees.


Women of Reform Judaism urges:

  1. Cooperation of all concerned nations to develop an infrastructure for delivery of urgently needed humanitarian services:
    1. Temporary resettlement of refugees in safe and healthy environments (adequate shelter, nutrition and sanitary conditions) with the goal of return to their homeland, if they so desire.
    2. Vastly increased medical services that also cover mental health and rape counseling.
    3. Rapidly established educational resources for children temporarily housed in refugee camps.
  2. WRJ affiliates worldwide to call upon their respective governments to cooperate fully with the above endeavors.
  3. Continuation by WRJ affiliates of their admirable support for humanitarian assistance to the Kosovar Albanian refugees and to provide assistance for those who are giving shelter to the refugees.
  4. Support for prosecution by the War Crimes Tribunal of those responsible for the atrocities committed in Kosovo, particularly President Slobodan Milosevic