WRJ Women Act

WRJ has a long and proud history of advocacy and engagement on public policy issues. We take action on the basis of existing resolutions and policy statements adopted by our leadership as well as the values of Reform and Progressive Judaism. 

Today, we are being called upon to speak out on a wide range of issues, from cabinet nominations to international relations, from health care to environmental regulations, from stranded refugees to issues before the highest Court in the land. The speed of this activity is overwhelming.

This web page is intended to be your resource center - a place where you will find all the latest tools and news about WRJ's newest advocacy campaign. Visit it often and check back frequently for updates.

In the coming months, as we organize, mobilize, seek partners, preach, teach, and lift up our voices to secure the America of our dreams, as WRJ women always have done, WRJ will continue to do what it does best - educate and organize WRJ women to be effective leaders and advocates for the values we share.

As highlighted in the WRJ Advocacy Plan, we have identified six high priority social justice issues for us to focus on as an organization.

These issues include:

  • Pay Equity
  • Violence Against Women
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Economic Justice and Labor Rights
  • Israel and Religious Pluralism
  • Immigration and Refugee Reform

If you are interested in supporting WRJ's important work in this arena, take a look at the opportunities to donate to the Social Justice Fund and complete your Social Justice Fund Pledge Card or donate online.

If you have questions, please connect with us on Yammer or email Alyson Malinger, Advocacy and Communications Associate (amalinger@wrj.org). 

WRJ Women Act Resource Center

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